Gilbert Babin

Software Development Professional.




Custom Desktop Software

I build custom software for desktop computers. The software usually connects to one or more databases. Desktop software can interface directly with instruments such as barcode readers or rfid scanners.

Web Portals and Websites

I build Web-Based applications that connect to databases. Example of this type of software would be a membership portal or an online inventory management system.

Converting Spreadsheets to Database

Many manage their data with spreadsheets. It's often better to replace spreadsheets with a relational database management system.

Commercial Product Development

Do you have an idea for a new commercial software product. If so, I can build the product for you.

Converting Legacy Systems

I have worked with many of the older technologies and usually can be helpful at converting older systems to new platforms.


I can coach less experienced developers. Can also provide project management and business analysis services.

About Me


I started programming in the early eighties when I was an engineering student. After completing my engineering degree, I worked in the manufacturing sector. where I got the opportunity to build inventory tracking software. That led to a career as a software developer.

At one point, I found a job as a programmer-analyst for the federal government and had the opportunity to build a lot of software.

In the early 90's, I left my government job to start a company developing solutions for the Internet. Then the Web browser was invented, I wrote a Web server program, and quickly was swamped with Web related projects. From there on, it's been one software development project after another.

Over the last few years, I've been mostly building software for the aquaculture industry. Feeding the world seems to be a worthy cause.

One thing that differentiates me from most programmers is that I have single-handedly built many large systems. Such large projects usually requires teams of programmers and support staff.

If someone says it can't be done, I'm probably the best candidate for the project.


More than 30 years experience at building software. Following are descriptions for a few of the many projects I worked on:

Aquaculture Research

Built a broodstock management software used in aquaculture research. The software, which interfaces with many devices, follows GMP/GLP and FDA software standards and ensures that data can not be tampered with. It is a very complex software by any standards.

Aquaculture Farms

Built a feed management application that integrated with remote software controlling robotics used for feeding fish. Had to do PLC programming and desktop application programming.

Member Portal

Developed a web-based member portal for an engineering association. The member portal integrates with internal database applications and staff workflow screens.

Educational Assessment Applications

Spent many years building commercial quality web-based educational assessment software solutions.

Pension Calculations

Wrote a pension calculations program for the federal government. The program required a very good understanding of financial mathematics.

English to French and Greek

Had to modify a large English application with embedded content editors so that it could handle French and Greek content. Sounds easy, but trust us that it isn't.

Online Mentoring Systems

Mentoring large numbers of clients can be quite demanding. This tool increased the productivity of the mentors by providing dashboards and a workflow.

Human Resources

Developed a screening application for job applicants. In addition to online testing, the application also had screens for the entire workflow after screening.


Developed many tools for the museum industry. One was a workflow system to ensure quality of images of museum collections. One project was a semantic search tool that could navigate archived data from many servers. Some tools were also developed for embedding metadata in images.

Web-Based Cottage Rental System

Designed and programmed a web-based system by which cottage owners could rent their cottages. The cottage owner could adjust the cottage availability as it became rented. The system was search engine optimized and acted as an independent web page for each cottage owner.

How to Study Portal

Designed and programmed a How to Study portal with integrated e-learning features. The portal was quite popular and was eventually sold.

Database Management Systems

Programmed many simple data base management applications consisting of menus, input screens for editing, search features and reports.


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