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La fée des foins – The Hay Fairy

Écrite pour le 15 Aout 2011.  Written for Acadian Day 2011. Trying to be true to my  roots.  Je laisse pousser mes racines quand je joue.

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Rights Of Man (new version)

Books I have written a few books. One of my passions is training the mind and over the years I have developped a unique expertise in the field of memory skills training. So far the books are: Memory for Students … Continue reading

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Winter of My Life ( Cajun Jig)

Really like this one. I wanted to create a Celtic sounding song on which we could dance the beautiful Cajun Jig. The Cajun Jig has a lot of arm moves but the music usually is a bit harsh. The … Continue reading

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Cerebral Projection

This piece brings you inside the man’s brain. Tried to project my mental activity into the guitar to create a musical picture of my brain… I do get carried away Hope you enjoy the piece.

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Fanny Power – A very old Irish Harp Piece

Fanny Power is one of my favorite Irish pieces.  Must be 200 years old. Was written for the harp. Actually is a love song. Just blows me away that people could write stuff like this hundreds of years ago.

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Mal de Mer

A french song.  Chanson française.

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Hit the Road Jack

Just added this song to my repertoire. Also now have a Musician’s page on Facebook.!/pages/Gilbert-Babin-musician/190092181010929 Hope you’ll visit the page.

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Carcassi – Study in A major

Another piece I learned when  I first bought my guitar.

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Sor – Study 6 in D major

Hadn’t played this one in a long time.  Was one of the first pieces I had learned on this guitar.

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Carulli – a nice little study in Aminor

Got this piece from a book. Its a lovely piece.

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